Leopard Gecko Morphs - A Primer

Author: Chris L Newell       Date: 2014-12-22

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There are literally hundreds of leopard gecko morphs out there with more being created every day. And why not?

With the relatively easy care of leopard's, not to mention how easy it is to incubate their eggs, even a novice can create a good morph

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Morphs first came out on the gecko market around 1990 with a few bright yellow colored geckos. Shortly afterward, the production of these morphs really started to take hold. Today, there are approximately thirty different types of solid morphs.

What is a leopard gecko morph?

Simply put, a morph is what you get when you mate two leopard geckos, known as Leo's, with unique coloring to create a baby with even more distinctive coloring. This baby is known as a morph.

These morphs, or 'designer geckos' are in huge demand as their coloring and patterns are unbelievably attractive. Some leopard morphs can fetch as high as a thousand dollars and up. That's enough to make anyone with two Leo's want to try to make morphs.

To get a good leopard morph, it all starts with the male. You need one that has a dominant trait no matter what female he's being bred to. Having a high female to male ratio, especially if the females have all different coloring, also increases your chances for more variety and more successful leopard morphs.

You also need to make sure that the pair that you're breeding has colors that complement each other and are able to be bred together. As surprising as it sounds, not all leopard pairings will create good gecko morphs.

For example, not all albinos produce albino offspring. If you mated an albino with a non-albino, the resulting batch of leopard morphs would not be albinos.

Also, there are several types of albinos, such as the Tremper Albino, the Las Vegas Albino and the Bell Albino that do not produce albinos when bred together. Even though they look a lot alike, their genes are just too dissimilar to get a leopard gecko morph.

There are two main types of leopard geckos. While they're called 'breeds' most of them are in fact are morphs. The two types are the so-called natural variety, and the single dominant trait kind.

Even though they're called the natural variety, these particular kinds of leopard geckos are just leopard geckos morphs that have been around so long they're accepted as breeds.

They include the normal, (leopard geckos morphs with yellow/orange and black leopard coloring) the high yellow, (leopard geckos morphs with the orange bread out of them but where the spots remain,) the pastel (where the black spots are actually pale tan) and the jungle (instead of being spotted these gecko morphs have stripes like a jungle cat.)

These basic geckos are good places to start your breeding collection.

Some of the more popular leopard gecko morphs are the single dominant trait kind, these gecko morphs have been bred for one particular trait. And while they're still leopard morphs, they are also good foundations for creating your own morphs.

These leopard gecko morphs include some of the most popular species like Patternless, (a leopard gecko with no spots,) Tangerine, (a leopard with the bright orange color) Eclipse, (a leopard gecko with solid black eyes) Giant, (oversized geckos,) Enigma, (calico colored) Carrot-Tail/head (either a bright orange head or bright orange tail) Baldy, (the Leo with no spots on his head) and many more.

Of course, these are some of the more popular morphs, not including the super popular ones like Mack Snows and several morphs of the albino. These are all great foundations for you to build your breeding pair upon.

Starting with any of these leopard gecko morphs, including some of the ones not mentioned, will certaintly give you healthy, happy and beautiful leopard morphs.

Once you have these beautiful morphs, it will be up to you if you want to sell them, give them away, keep them as pets or try for more beautiful and very different gecko morphs.

Breeding your geckos into morphs is a wonderful enriching experience and a good way to make some extra cash!

Regardless of whether or not you decide to sell them, it's always fun to see that egg hatch and your new beautiful leopard gecko morph emerge as a tribute to your hard work and careful gecko selection.

Chris Newell is a longtime gecko owner and breeder. Chris has developed a website which aids all fellow gecko owners in the correct way to implement new and advanced care techniques along with a FREE e-mail course that discusses all types of leopard gecko care.

If your interested in learning how to have a healthy, happy and longer living gecko, or simply just grabbing page after page of valuable gecko information [http://www.leopardgeckoinfoonline.com] then take a look at the website. [http://www.leopardgeckoinfoonline.com]

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