Common Behavior Exhibited by Bearded Dragons

Author: Jason Tennant       Date: 2014-12-10

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Bearded dragons communicate through body language, using special movements to relay a message to other dragons or predators. There are a few common movements that they make, as well as some other common activities that the reptile will do to display certain characteristics. Common behavior of bearded lizards is the same in the wild and in captivity, and the behaviors should be learned in order to properly care for a bearded dragon.

Common Behavior

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One of the most common behaviors of both male and female genders of bearded lizards is inflating of the dragon's beard. An inflated beard may be observed when they are about to mate, or when they are becoming aggressive. An inflated beard is more commonly seen in male reptiles though females may inflate their beards as well. If the dragon's mouth is open when inflating, it is usually a sign that the lizard is becoming aggressive.

Head bobbing is another common behavior and is also seen in both the male and female of the species. A male may bob its head to show supremacy or to boast masculinity to other dragons, usually to other males attempting to appear more masculine or supreme to the others. Head bobbing may also be seen when a bearded dragon is showing courtship to a female.

A behavior generally displayed that is opposite of the head bobbing behavior is arm waving, which is usually a sign of obedience to the dominant dragon. Less dominant males and females may wave their arms to the dominant reptile to prove they are obedient. While breeding, females may wave their arms to signal their rejection to the courtship of a male bearded dragon.

One of the most important behaviors, tail curbing, is important to see in a pet bearded lizard. When a bearded dragon curbs its tail, it is bending its tail towards its body or head. Tail curbing is a sign that the bearded dragon is attentive; it is an important sign to show that your reptile is healthy.

Common activities of bearded lizards show behavioral characteristics, such activities include sun bathing and perching. Bearded dragons commonly sun bathe during the day, showing that the reptile is seeking warmth and engaging in normal activities. When a bearded dragon is perching, he finds a place high off the ground to occupy. The higher he perches the more dominant he is; bearded dragons may perch on tree limbs or large rocks. When housing a bearded lizard as a pet it is important to provide perching areas for the bearded dragon, as well as places for them to sun bathe.


Bearded lizards should be monitored and their behavior observed to ensure the dragon is healthy and functioning. One should observe specific behaviors and assess the situation to determine the motive behind the bearded lid's behavior. The behavior may show that the bearded lizard is healthy and alert, or aggressive and unruly. Behavior is also important to monitor when attempting to breed bearded lizards to be sure the dragons will successfully mate.

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