Three Popular Pet Tree Frogs

Author: Gary Phelps      Date: 2012-04-03

Keywords: red eyed tree frog, dumpy tree frog, green tree frog

Looking for a unique pet that won't take your house over and pretend that they own it? Have you ever considered buying a pet tree frog?

Sure, it may not be the first thing to come to mind when you think about a pet, but the fact is, tree frogs make great pets!

Tree frogs are different from other frogs since they spend most of their time living in tall trees, rather than hanging around at a pond or creek like other frogs. The only time they usually hang around on the ground is during mating season and they can be found in many regions throughout the world. MORE>>

Snapping Turtles As Pets - The Basics You Need To Know

Author: Greg Weir      Date: 2012-03-26

Keywords: snapping turtles, alligator snapping turtle, common snapping turtle

The snapping turtle is a North American turtle. There are two distinct species of these turtles. The uniqueness of the common snapping turtle, Chelydra serpentina, is often overlooked simply due to how plentiful the snapping turtle is.

With its huge head, ungainly build, outsized tail, and vicious disposition, it presents a memorable picture when found on land. The snapping turtle is a thoroughly aquatic animal, seldom voluntarily leaving the water except to lay its eggs. MORE>>

Spotted Turtles Information

Author: Alan Stables      Date: 2012-03-22

Keywords: spotted turtles, pet turtles, spotted turtle, private breeders, freshwater swamps

Many people have seen pictures of Spotted Turtles, but may not know anything about them. They are currently at the risk of extinction in various parts of Canada and the United States, but can still be found occasionally at pet stores, and by private breeders. Their beauty and small size make them ideal as pets, but you should be prepared before bringing one into your home. MORE>>

A Brief Introduction to Reptiles

Author: Stephen Ayer      Date: 2012-03-22

Keywords: reptiles, lizards, geckos, snakes, tortoises, crocodiles, alligators, pets, exotic pets, vertebrates

Reptiles have been around for over 300 million years. They evolved from amphibians back in the Carboniferous period. Scientists believe this was a result of amphibians having to return to water to lay eggs, and so reptiles evolved from them to lay eggs on land.

By the way, not all reptiles lay eggs: some give live birth by holding the egg until it hatches. The shell on the eggs from those that do lay them are not the same as that of a bird, but leathery. MORE>>

How to Handle a Ball Python

Author: William Williams      Date: 2012-03-12

Keywords: Ball Python Handling Safety Health Snake Pet

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